It’s Been a Week

It’s official. I have been an intern at Free People for a full week.  Already, the experience has blown away my expectations.

First and most importantly, let me explain to you that the Navy Yard (URBN headquarters) is a dog friendly work campus. I honestly might get fired from this internship solely because I stalk one of the manager’s pugs.

In all seriousness I am beyond thankful to have been placed with the greatest team at the Free People office. I may be biased, but the Marketing Team kicks some serious tush. I have an awesome mentor that has been patiently training me for the past week. She has taught me so much about PR, and I feel like we have barely skimmed the surface. Plus all of my bosses insanely intelligent, creative, attentive, and caring.

I am honestly stoked to be here. This is pretty cool stuff I get to witness, and everyday I have to pinch myself when I walk into such a beautiful and vibrant work environment. It is so crazy to me that they picked a girl from Georgia with a weird double name to be a part of such an incredible program (seriously everyone up here calls me Mary and idk what to do about it), but I am not complaining.

On my first day I watched my mentor ship off samples of our new bridal collection to Vogue…. VOGUE! I freaked out on the inside and managed to maintain my cool on the outside. I think. I’ve seen a few of the models from the website and don’t get me started on the sample closet.

I have made some fantastic friends so far as well. Catie has been the greatest friend and fellow Dawg. We toasted glasses of champagne and ate ice cream together after my first day if that gives you an indication of how great she is. My roommates are also phenomenal. We are so different, yet we are already learning so much from each other which I find a huge huge blessing.

I’m beyond thankful for the friends and family that have loved and encouraged me to go out of my comfort zone and take this opportunity. I miss you chickens and keep calling me ok?




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