One Positive Action….

….can make a huge difference. Just talk to our uber driver.

Let me explain this further. At the end of our long, exhausting, and rewarding work week 10 of us decided to have a GNO at a local restaurant called the Cosmopolitan. We came, we saw, we ate cheesecake, and then we decided to venture home. One sketchy alley later we find ourselves in not so safe of an area. I called an uber and he came in the nick of time as things were starting to get a little dicey.

Our driver, Earshadul, is a student at a local university. Being the novices that we are, we directed him to the wrong area of town in our attempts to get home, however, he turned it into the best car ride, giving us a guided tour of Philly and all the great spots to visit. After a friend pointed out the skyline from the car (due to my obsession with skyline pics), he pulled over so I could hop out onto the sidewalk to snap a picture. On top of all of this he had, without us knowing, canceled the uber trip so when he dropped us off, 45 minutes after picking us up, the trip amounted to $o. I mean what type of awesome person is he?

As simple of an act as this was, it meant something much more than a free uber ride. I mean Earshadul is a fifth year student probably enjoying one of his only summer nights free from the many #struggles that come along with college, yet he chose to cart around a bunch of lost interns … for free. His one positive action is a testament to all of us that there is so much goodness and genuineness all around us. It becomes apparent if you look and even more apparent if you give. A positive action radiates inspiration and creates a ripple that will hopefully lead to waves of encouraging, kind, and selfless acts. Didn’t expect an uber driver to teach me something like that, but hey life’s unexpected lessons are always the ones that seem to bear the most fruit.

Thankful my first Philly weekend started out with such a great reminder to look for goodness everywhere, receive it, and pay it forward. You never know who you can impact.


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