Hump Daaaaaaay

It is Wednesday, debatably the most difficult work day to get through, yet with all the different projects I have been assigned and all the shananagins occurring throughout the office I barely realize that the day is over.

Work is great. The 9-5 life is something that takes some getting used to, and honestly I will admit that I am not sure if I am ready to take it on full-time. Praises I still have a year of college left. I am continually humbled by how well I am treated at the office. My managers are constantly checking up on me, seeing how I am doing and if I am thriving while doing it. Every day I am given more responsibility, which is encouraging because it seems that I am slowly earning my stripes. I was just assigned a project I am very passionate about, and cannot wait to see where it goes.

Things outside of work just plain rock. Philly is incredibly underrated. There is SO much to do! Last weekend my roomies and I explored center city, visiting Reading Terminal Market that has anything from crepes to beef sticks (yes they are a thing and pretty tasty if I do say so myself), taking pics at the infamous LOVE sign, and even doing some shopping at our favorite URBN stores with our discount cards….HOLLA!

Last weekend we also traveled to the wrong Jersey shore. Yes, there is more than one. Turns out that if you plug “Jersey Shore” into your maps Seri takes you to a rachet beach covered in baby diapers. The real Jersey Shore is called Seaside Shore if you are ever planning on visiting. Needless to say our Sunday was filled with some pretty good laughs over our trip to “The Shore.”

My roommates are seriously da bomb. They will late night get gelato, watch weird Youtube videos, and are expanding my viewpoints on countless issues. We all come from different places, but have tender hearts allowing for cool moments of vulnerability and growth.

After work today we also visited this sick place called Penn’s Landing. The dock was filled with food trucks, hammocks, and just really cool places to hang out with your people. Eight of us ate some hot dogs while watching the sun set. It was swell.

Also, I hear Kid Ink and Chris Brown are coming to ATL in September. HBD to me.



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