But It’s Actually a Party in the MSA…or USA… You Pick.

So these past few weeks have been a whirlwind, but I need to update you guys on the phenomenal weekend I spent exploring our dear nation’s capital.

Spontaneity was my advocate this weekend. It all began on Friday morning when I thought to myself, “Shoot I need to visit my friends in D.C. before the summer is over.” I texted none other than the infamous Alex Everhart, and before I knew it I had booked a one-way train ticket to D.C. for Saturday morning.

The train ride was pretty glorious. I spent lots of time day-dreaming whilst looking out the window and listening to my playlists filled with Kid Ink and Ellie Goulding.  I even met a nice woman who took the liberty (no pub intended) to sit down next to me and try to set me up with her 30 year-old son. Thanks, but no thanks.

Regardless I arrived safe and sound to D.C. and called Alex. A few seconds later she found the lanky, lost girl, gave me a big hug, and we were off. She showed me her abode for the summer, a lovely women’s dorm located in the heart of the city. Yes, boys are not allowed, but there is free food, so I would say the trade isn’t too shabby.

We toured the Library of Congress, grabbed lunch, and were picked up by D.C. native himself, McLuckie. He gave us the grand tour, driving us around the city and showing us the important sights. We teared that city up seeing the Washington monument, WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnem Memorial, and the Smithsonian. Thirteen year-old MSA would have been in Heaven at the Smithsonian as her dream career was a museum curator, however twenty-one year-old MSA thought it was pretty dang cool as well.

**Alert Cheesy Paragraph, but wanted to say this.

Seeing the various memorials granted me a special opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices made by those who came before me. The men and women who fought in these horrifying wars did not know me, did not know Alex, or McLuckie, yet they gave all they could to ensure that we could secure one of the most wonderful and coveted possessions of mankind, freedom. Special thanks to my granddad who fought for me in WWI and to my Dad who trained in the ROTC and was months short of being sent into combat in Vietnam. Those men will forever be emblems of what real selflessness looks like.

After a hot hot day, Alex and I cleaned up and met friends at a swanky local restaurant. The highlight was definitely getting a chance to hang out with bae (aka Kari Saunders) and Holly Boggs. It was so cool to see all that these friends are doing in the city and the impact they are already making at such a young age.

 Sunday morning was a time for homemade pop-tarts, steak and eggs, and twerking on Obama’s house. I got to see Gracie #PRresearch4lyfe and even more of the city so many of my friends call home for the summer.

We ended the trip by going to the National Archives (all I could think about was Nicolas Cage and School House Rock) and my greatest British friend Sophie met us there. Seeing her officially made the trip one I’ll have to archive in the memory forever hehe

This weekend in D.C. definitely made me realize how many wonderful people UGA has given me, who will most likely be in my life for a very long time. I am daily becoming more appreciative of those I have in my life, the way they continuously shape me, and the dedication they have to truly making an impact in the world.

Go America. Go Dawgs.


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