Hump Daaaaaaay

It is Wednesday, debatably the most difficult work day to get through, yet with all the different projects I have been assigned and all the shananagins occurring throughout the office I barely realize that the day is over. Work is great. The 9-5 life is something that takes some getting used to, and honestly I […]

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One Positive Action….

….can make a huge difference. Just talk to our uber driver. Let me explain this further. At the end of our long, exhausting, and rewarding work week 10 of us decided to have a GNO at a local restaurant called the Cosmopolitan. We came, we saw, we ate cheesecake, and then we decided to venture […]

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It’s Been a Week

It’s official. I have been an intern at Free People for a full week. ¬†Already, the experience has blown away my expectations. First and most importantly, let me explain to you that the Navy Yard (URBN headquarters) is a dog friendly work campus. I honestly might get fired from this internship solely because I stalk […]

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